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http://www.hosticanreview.org is hostican review site hosted with hostican web hosting, and using the hostican base-host hosting plan. This hostican review site is running since July 2007, and i had been posted a lot of hostican server speed test and hostican server uptime reports. Find these reports useful. Hostican server is great, and over the month, the server uptime (over the internet) had been amazing and impressive.

Now that you have that information collected, I would like for you to try to view your web site via a proxy service. This checks your web site from another server’s location from somewhere else in the world. If you can’t pull it up from the proxy service or your own regular browser experience, there may be something wrong on the hosting side. If you can’t pull it up on your PC but you can pull it up via a proxy, there might be a few thing wrong. It could be:

GamesMasters.com will utilize Hypernia’s on-demand utility hosting model which provided flexibility and cost savings, enabling the company to undergo significant service improvements in recent months. These included the addition of updated payment methods, the release of several large patches which has vastly increased the content of the game Cabal Online, a host of new features including new hunting grounds (the Chaos Arena), new rewards for Player vs Player action (players can now gain EXP from PvP) and several important bug fixes. As a direct result of their hosting partnership with Hypernia, these upgrades have produced positive results and Cabal Online is now one of the largest games in Europe.

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"I would like to recommend hostgator.com, to anyone looking for a cheap host
with fast support and reliable servers. Recently I had to switch hosts and was
hunting for a new one when I received an email about a post I had made a while
back, they offered me a free 30 days to test them out, and the experience was
excellent. Coincidently it doesn't work out for me to be hosted there due to the
fact that just this morning my comic site was linked to by Penny-Arcade and I
consumed all of Pentium 2.4ghz 1gig Ram server in the space of a few hours. due
to this I had to be kicked off there server to keep it running... I would still
recommend them, as the time I was there the support was very fast and there was
no downtime."

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